Video and Audio Conferencing

Video conferencing and telephone or audio conferencing has become a key part of our business in recent years as our clients look to save on the significant cost of business travel.

Through the use of this technology, meetings can take place across multiple locations without the need for participants to leave their local office. Not limited to just two sites, modern video conferencing systems can link multiple sites, bringing colleagues together from all over the world at any one time.

The success of any video conference depends on the quality of the user experience and we pride ourselves on the supply and integration of the complete video conferencing solution, including room lighting and sound control, ensuring all participants in a meeting can be seen and heard.

Ease of use is also key and we make sure all of our video conferencing systems are simple to operate and back this up with comprehensive training from our manufacturer accredited, product specialists.

We also offer advice on all aspect of the video conferencing environment, including seating, furniture and room layout to maximise the user experience.

Video conferencing solutions can be anything from two users meeting via their PC or mobile device, up to large scale meeting spaces with many participants in each location. CTLAV are proud partners of Polycom, a leading manufacturer of video conferencing systems who have product offerings for all size and shape of video conference space.

Larger video conferencing systems can involve a significant capital investment. We therefore design all video conferencing systems to minimise the total cost of ownership (TCO) for our clients.

We also supply video conferencing systems for specialist applications. We have provided a number of systems to HMRC and Kent Police for virtual court use. This technology has dramatically reduced the both costs involved in transporting offenders to appear before a court and the costs for police officers to give evidence, both of which can now be done remotely.