Case Study: Kent Police

Kent Police – Lecture Theatre

CTLAV recently undertook a complete refurbishment of a legacy AV installation in the main Lecture Theatre used by Kent Police.

The Lecture Theatre is the largest meeting space available to Kent Police and as such is in constant demand. 

The Lecture Theatre is used for a wide range of applications and by many different individuals. As such it needs to provide a very comprehensive feature set yet be simple and intuitive to operate requiring little or no user training to operate the system.

CTLAV designed, installed and programmed a comprehensive solution based around the AMX DXG digital matrix system which manages all video signals in the lecture and allows the connection of state of the art digital sources, yet provide compatibility for legacy analogue devices as necessary. 

The system is controlled by an AMX colour touchpanel custom fitted to the lectern. This gives full control over the equipment and also provides a live video feed for confidence monitoring. 

Video conferencing is key to Kent Police and the Lecture Theatre features Cisco C series, High Definition video conference equipment with multiple camera positions capable of capturing any delegate. This gives the maximum possible flexibility and allows the video conference system to be used in many different scenarios.

Sound quality is also very important and Kent Police required a system which will allow any individual using the facility to be heard by the far end in a video conference, but also within the space itself.

CTLAV therefore designed a solution using Polycom C series DSPs and HDX microphones to not only transmit the voice of any delegate sitting in the theatre over the video conference, but also to amplify their voice within the Lecture Theatre.

This required a comlex DSP configuration to ensure high quality sound, but prevent any feedback or unwanted noise being amplifier or transmitted over the video conference.

A sound feed from this system also feed a network based audio recording device. 

The main projection screen uses a high quality, high gain rear projection screen from DMP and is fed from a high definition Canon projector. The legacy rear projection room was used for for the equipment and required a custom built mirror and screen assembly to accommodate the equipment

Finally, programme sound is supplied by a high performance QSC speaker sytem, again custom configured by CTLAV to maximise its performance in the space.

CTLAV also proactively maintain all audio visual equipment installed in the Lecture Theatre along with all main Kent Police presentation facilities. This is carried out  through a comprehensive maintenance contract designed to provide Kent Police with maximum reliability and long term value from their investment in the systems.