Case Studies: AIG

AIG – Central London UK Headquarters

CTLAV designed and supplied a video conference and audio visual solution into an existing, multi configurable meeting space in AIG’s London City, Head Quarters building.

The space can be split into a number of small meeting rooms or be opened, via moving partitions to form one large room. 

AIG use this space for many conference and banqueting  applications and the audio visual equipment had to reflect this by providing as many facilities as possible in each room, whilst remaining simple and intuitive to operate. 

A high quality video conference experience is key to the use of this this facility and is provided by High Definition, Cisco C series equipment. Sound is provided by a series of ceiling mounted array microphones which are automatically enabled depending on the room layout and partition configuration. Polycom Soundstructure DSPs control all aspects of the audio routing and management which extends to the intelligent control over background noise and automatic microphone mixing to ensure any delegate using the facility can be clearly heard by the far end.

Discrete ceiling mounted speakers provide the sound and link together as the rooms are opened, or are separated into each room when closed. This is again automatic and transparent to the user who needs only to close the partition and the audio visual equipment adapts accordingly.

AMX digital matrix switching and control systems manage the video signals to each of the meeting rooms and like the audio system, provide the capability to join the rooms, or operate as separate facilities depending on the needs of the application.

The system has the built in flexibility to allow any connected source to be available to any room either separately, or simultaneously.

This facility is particularly useful when the meeting spaces are open into one large meeting room allowing one screen to act as the main presentation screen and the screens on the others rooms as repeaters, or confidence monitors.

Wall mounted colour touch panels in each room provide the user interface, custom programmed by CTLAV to operate each room individually, or the complete facility when the space is fully open.

CTLAV also proactively support and maintain the facility through routine preventative maintenance, an onsite emergency engineering presence when required along with technical support and training to AIG staff.