About Us

CTL Audio Visual Servicesare a Kent based company with over 10 years of experience.  Our team focuses on the support of our Audio Visual clients in the UK and all over Europe from the initial liaison, through design, integration, training and ongoing support. As a result we have built up a client list of many large corporate and Government organisations.

New technology?  No problem.

We are always at the forefront of new technologies, helping to ensure our client’s Audio Visual Facilities remain highly effective and concentrating on keeping the cost of ownership of their facility as low as possible through tailored support and maintenance.

We also offer building wide Audio Visual services such as Digital Signage, IP TV distribution and meeting room booking solutions. 

Customer Focused.  Taking the “tech” out of technical.

We focus on minimising the total cost of ownership to our clients of their Audio Visual systems and to that end ensure the equipment is as reliable and simple to operate as possible.

As part of reducing the though life cost of the Audio Visual solution, we also consider the management of the environment in which the solution is used. This involves bringing together room management, room booking and control of the equipment into one easy to understand user interface.

Maintenance?  We’ve got it covered.

Our maintenance packages are designed to give our customers the most efficient use of their facilities possible by ensuring minimum “downtime” through the careful selection of reliable components and the provision of spare components to venerable systems with a very short turnaround.

We apply the same philosophy to the software components of our clients Audio Visual systems by ensuring operating systems, software and firmware are current and to the manufacturers recommendations. Our in house programming capability allows us to make modifications and enhancements to software configurations quickly and efficiently.

As a technology based company we invest significant resources in ensuring we provide current and up to date products and services. This ensures our client’s solutions have complete compatibility with all available video and computer sources, be that High Resolution computer graphics, IPTV or commercial High Definition video.